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Humane Removal of Birds in Raleigh

Birds are the cause of extensive damage to homes and businesses due to nesting, droppings and roosting. Quick removal by Smith Exterminating Company in Raleigh is necessary in order to avoid any damage, as certain birds are very likely to create havoc to your building. These birds include:
  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • House sparrows
  • Hawks
  • Woodpeckers
Woodpeckers, in particular, can be incredibly harmful because they will drill and peck into your home, damaging the foundation. Pigeons may seem harmless, but they have been known to carry diseases and can cause some real damage if you are not careful. A serious problem that can occur with any bird that makes its nest in or near your building is the presence of droppings.

Humane Animal Control Services

The best way to get rid of unwanted birds is to prevent them from entering. This can be accomplished by modifying the building so there are no entryways through which the birds can enter. If you already have birds, then the best course of action is to hire one of our professionals who can catch, control and remove the pest in a safe and humane manner. Prompt bird removal is needed because the longer a pest is allowed to stay in your home or business, the more extensive the damage repairs will be.

Serving the Entire Area, Including Wake Forest and Durham

Anyone who lives in Raleigh, Durham and Wake Forest can contact our exterminator for any pest problem. If you have birds, snakes, groundhogs, insects or anything else on your property, chances are good that we have dealt with it in the past and can help you. All you need to do to get started is call us at 919-851-0220, and we will have a solution to your problem.

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