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Reliable Raccoon Removal in Raleigh

Raccoons may look soft and cuddly, but they can be genuine pests if they get inside your home. For a safe and humane way to get rid of raccoons and their kits, look no further than Smith Exterminating Company in Raleigh. Raccoon removal is a necessary service if you do not want potential damage to occur on your property. Females can root through your home to find a nesting area; in the process, they destroy rooftop ventilators, shingles and various boards. They can destroy the insulation within your walls and mess up your air conditioning system. Sometimes these animals are also carriers of a number of nasty diseases, so it is wise to eliminate them before they get too deep within your house.

We Get Rid of Animals Humanely

Although we are certainly capable of getting rid of raccoons, there are ways you can prevent them from entering your premises in the first place. A good way to deter this large animal is to shut off access to certain areas like decks and tool sheds. Total exclusion is the best policy if you do not want your home to house two families. If they are already in your home, you will need to contact us to remove them. We will catch and remove raccoons and similar animals from your property, and dispose of them humanely.

Serving the Entire Raleigh Area, Including Wake Forest and Durham

It can be dangerous to try to get rid of raccoons on your own because they have been known to attack people. The best thing you can do is give us a call at 919-851-0220, and we will send a professional to take care of it. We offer additional services for other pests, including groundhog and mole removal. If you are having pest problems in Raleigh, Wake Forest or Durham, then it’s time to hire some of the best exterminators around!

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